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Together Rising Up for Cannabis
If you're growing a crop you care about... always maintain proper pH. If pH is off then some nutrients won't get absorbed. Not sure why they're saying adjusting it is not necessary. How far off is it? Do you have to adjust it much to get it to 6.5?
7 said...

This is the first time I am using General Organics for soil. I am wondering why do the instructions say adjusting the pH is NOT necessary? I am having the very tip of a pH issue and I have been pHing ... to pH or not to pH that is the question Happy? I was trying to keep the pH around 6.5 for the soil, am I doing something wrong?

I would pH to be safe but only with an organic up/down product such as nectar for the gods pH up/down. When using organics in soil it isn't entirely necessary to adjust pH because ur bennies do it for you. If you are using a chemical pH adjuster it will negatively effect ur bennies. I'd give them a nice brewed aact tea or whatever beneficial bacteria you have to get the rhisophere nice and alive then u should be fine not phing. I use to use go in ffof and never ph'd and never had a problem. Sometimes it just makes u feel better to ph if that's the case do it and feel fine about it just don't use a chemical adjuster and ur girls should be looking fine in no time. Good luck.
LionQueen said...

Greetings Wartown,

Mixed some tea today to adjust the bennies, and I wanted you to know your suggestion worked really well, all the girls really perked up! Seems to have help balance the pH, the next feeding I won't pH, since adjusting it is having a negative effect. Wanted to thank you for helping me out! Happy

Your a hundred percent welcome. Glad I could help. I would really think about grabbing the pH products from Nectar for the gods. Both products are awesome and actually benefit ur bennies. Lol. Not expensive but wicked effective and it would give u piece of mind. Remember not against u phing just against using chemical up/down products. If ur growing organic u have to raise/lower pH organically or it defeats the purpose. Anyways I'm truly glad I could help. Good luck and literally any time u need anything at all just Holla!
LionQueen said...

I just ordered the Nectar for the Gods Hades Down, and their Olympus up, I think that should cover any "organic" pH issues that should arise. Happylq

Once u get those pH away MI lady. Lol. U will be very happy. The up gives u some Xtra CA and the down will give ur bennies a charge.
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