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Last update on November 23, 12:54 pm by vek11.
5 iron ape's straight into promix. I expect them to pop in about 5 days. Put them in the freezer for a week prior to planting. No scuffing, no soaking no manipulation at all. 1/4 tbs molasses in the water and we're ready to go. Also set them under a 40 watt floro. Have a pack of GBW ( not sure what it stands for Grape Brainwreck?) when the iron apes come out they wil go in!
5/5 all poped 3 days after they were in soil! One week under the 40 watt and they get bumped up to the bigger lights. I'll try to get a pic later. Sciatica has me crippled atm so when I go to the 3 rd floor lol I'll take a pic! All are green and doing great.

Edited to add a pic this was them yesterday

23 days old
All are well and getting a repot and first feed on Thursday

All but one are similar. I'm gonna assume that the indica leaning one is a grape ape pheno but not sure. Will post a single shot tomorrow.
Last update on May 30, 10:05 pm by Mrsping29.
Tester Update for Iron Ape and Agent Diesel

Pure Aqua Genetics Testers update Iron Ape & Agent Diesel
Germination on 4/07/15 in 6.0PH water with 1 drop Superthrive and 3 drops each of Clone Tek solution for 24 hrs. pre soak and then Moist Paper towel for remainder of pre germination until a 1/8" tail emerges.
Then plant in 50/50 coco and peat starter pellets, no nutrients for remainder of seedling stage (21 days)
All beans of both Strains have cracked, and some have been planted in starter pellets as of 4/10/15
So 100% germ rate so far 13/13. still have duplicate beans to crack later.

Pure Aqua Genetics Agent Diesel and Iron Ape Tester Update 35 Days from seed for most, and at Day 28 for the rest
I had some issues with first go around and lost a few in transfer from paper towel to Coco starter pellets,
Started 3 of each strain, and all is well this time around. Shorter plants in back are the restart plants.
All plants were transplanted into solo cups at Day 21
First feeding was on the 21st day of BPN Farmers Pride 3 Part at 1/4 strength, Kelp at 2 ml. per gal., 3 drops per gal of Superthrive, at 450+- PPM, and a PH of 6.4
I feed on a Feed, Water, Feed schedule. watching for signs of nutrient burns or deficiencies, All plants seem to take up nutrients well.
All look good with good structure and similar formation of branches.
Looking forward to getting them in the New Veg area with Mars Hydro Full spectrum LED's

Looking very good bro. I worked pretty hard and found a few related traits phenotypic, so to say with good uniformity! I'm seeing pretty much uniform growth amongst 80% of the Iron Ape during veg so let's get good vibes of even better during bloom. They should begin to show sex soon keep a look out lol.....
vek11 said...

wonderful flowerpot
100% germination ! As you said vek11 they are showing uniform growth and all look the same to me and boy do they smell yummy already( in veg) I have 2 confirmed male one I think is a female and the other two unknown. Will be going into the flower room soon
Most of the females are showing dominant GA traits and the Iron Ape early potency shows heavy trichomes on the leaves in veg golden color.....
I have 2 males and 1 confirmed female so far. They will be ready for the bloom room. In2 wks. I will upgrade with pic later on today! The males sexed way earlier then the girls and have huge pre- balls ? Lol.
PAGIron Ape and Agent Diesel tester update
Chacho!! 13 beans germed, 7 Agent Diesels and 6 Iron Apes all but 1 are female WOW!!
Excellent Ratio Vek. Only a couple phenols between each strain. BT W putting posts from the mobil app sucks.
I posted over 18 pics. And you can see the few that show up
They look very nice bro, dam shame a few pics are scattered but oh well...any particular scents noticed yet.....?

two girls and one boy! In bloom
Last update on July 5, 8:27 pm by Mrsping29.
Mrsping29 said...

I have 2 males and 1 confirmed female so far. They will be ready for the bloom room. In2 wks. I will upgrade with pic later on today! The males sexed way earlier then the girls and have huge pre- balls ? Lol.

Yes we've noticed the males show sex pretty earl in veg researching that atm but nice going keep me posted!!!
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