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Today, 24 hours after inserting the cut in the new aeroponic cloner I decided to flip them these girls. The photo with the numbers is the new light schedule I'm running on the Kind K5 XL1000. Now using the full 650 watts I raised the panel to the recommended 36" from scrog. At this height it covers the 4' x 4' with ease. I'll keep a close eye for stretching and adjust accordingly.

Second week of flower and first dose of NPK Industries RAW Nutrients. Today Bloom formula + a smidge more phosphorus (one teaspoon/five gallons). These salts should produce some nice flowers.

Sorry guys for not posting in the last weeks. Life has been busy.

Last week I found a male hiding in the bunch, cut her out and tried to move a girl to fill in the real estate. Kinda found out real quick that you don't move plants in a scrog.

They seem to be reacting positively with the new nutrient line up. I switched to RAW bloom formula with individual salts for tweaking the plants need. They still seem to have rust spots on the lower leaves that seems to be a calcium deficiency.
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