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I'm back with a new grow. This time I'll have the end results as well. The site was going through a lot of changes and I had too much going on to deal with a lot of it so vanished for a while. Now that things seem to be running smooth I'd like to share a new grow that I've started. Nirvana's Auto-Blue Mystic. This first post will get you caught up to date, today is day 23.

Date: 10/23/2016 - Present

Strain: Nirvana Auto-Blue Mystic
Genetics: (Flo x Afghani) x Blueberry
Plant Type: Predominantly Indica
Plant Height: Short
Average Yield: 200 - 300 g/m2 in SOG
Flowering Period: 7 - 9 Weeks
THC: Medium
CBD: High
Effect: Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy
Flavor: Blueberry, Berry, Woody
Medical: Stress, Appetite, Depression
Website: https://www.nirvanas...

Germination/Cloner: AeroGarden Ultra LED
Specs: 1.2 Gallon Reservoir (Seedling sprout & Early Growth)
Website: http://www.aerogarde...

Growth/Flowering: 5 Gallon Reservoir food grade white bucket, using 4 gallons of nutrient treated water

Room: Gorilla Grow Tent GGT33
Dimensions: "3 x 3 x 6' 11"" (w/ext 7' 11") will be using ext.
Website: https://gorillagrowt...

Light: Mars Hydro 1600w L.E.D.
Draw From Wall: 705-715w
535w (Grow Only)
170-180w (Bloom Only)
Website: https://www.mars-hyd...

Fan: Max Fan Pro Series 6"
Website: http://canfilters.co...
Filter: CAN 66
Website: http://canfilters.co...

Nutrients: General Hydroponics
GH FloraMico
GH FloraGro
GH FloraBloom
GH Rapid Start
GH Diamond Nectar
GH Liquid KoolBloom
GH Floralicious Plus
GH FloraBlend
GH FloraNectar (Fruit-n-Fusion)
GH FloraKlean
GH Armor Si
Website: http://generalhydrop...

Pump: General Hydroponics Dual Diaphragm Air Pump
Power: 8 watts
Website: https://www.amazon.c...

Air Stone: ModularHydro Air Injection Technology
Website: http://shop.modularh...

PH is kept between 5.6 - 6.2
Water Temp. 78.9°
Room Temp. (Light On) 84.0°
Room Temp. (Light Off) 77.0°
Room Humidity (Lights On) 16%
Room Humidity (Lights Off) 39%

Last update on January 3, 10:35 pm by Nucince.
Day 25, I acquired another GH 320GPH 4-outlet pump today. This gives me a total of 8 air lines @ 80GPH each. I have linked 4 groups out of the 8 outlets. So I have 2 lines from each pump running to 1 AIT Spider in each reservoir. I have noticed the increase in bubbles however I do believe if I decide to SOG with 8 2gal food buckets (1.5 gal of water each) I will be able to supply air to 8 of them no problem. I will either continue to use the 6" AIT Spiders for that or I will switch over to the 4" AIT Spiders. No matter what, the Spider is my go to from now on...

Other than that....

Lights on Temp: 84
Lights on Humidity: 16%
Lights off Temp w/Fan on: 70, w/Fan off: about the same
Lights off Humidity w/Fan on: 33% w/Fan off: 60%
PH: Kept between 5.8 and 6.4 daily (I shoot for 5.8 - 6.2 ideally)

Last update on November 17, 7:53 pm by Nucince.
Day 28, plants are healthy, green all over and loving their environment... I'll be updating weekly moving forward....

Other than that....

PH is kept between 5.8 - 6.05
Water Temp. 68°
Room Temp. (Light On) 75.0°
Room Temp. (Light Off) 66.0°
Room Humidity (Lights On) 25%
Room Humidity (Lights Off) 68% (waiting on Secret Jardin fan for tent)
Plants are 15", 8", 8" & 6 1/2"

Last update on November 21, 7:13 pm by Nucince.
Been thinking about Auto's in DWC, but was told it's harder to grow Auto's in DWC, guess I'll find out on this topic.
chemistry said...

Been thinking about Auto's in DWC, but was told it's harder to grow Auto's in DWC, guess I'll find out on this topic.

It's not hard at all if you pay attention to your girls. This isn't my first auto-grow and they seem to do fine. I wonder why you've heard that?
Just what I've been told, nearly bought a mixed pack of Auto seeds a couple of weeks back, wish I had now.
Day 35 PLANTS ARE DOING GREAT. LOTS OF NEGATIVE PRESSURE IN MY TENT. I now have my CAN Filter hanging above my light with ducting running outside of the tent to my CAN Fan. I did this to lower the temperature of my grow room which went down a few degrees by eliminating the fan from the grow room. The negative pressure is not an issue for the plants but I may run longer ducting from the filter to the fan to relieve some of the pressure on my tent at the seams.

Other than that... I'll have my usual stats up later today.

***UPDATE 11/28/2016**
PH is 6.3, will be lowered to 6.2
Water Temp. 71°
Room Temp. MAX (Light On) 81.0°
Room Temp. LOW (Light Off) 68.0°
Room Humidity MAX (Lights On) 38%
Room Humidity MAX (Lights Off) 51%
Plants are 30", 18", 17.5" & 16.5"

Last update on November 29, 3:36 am by Nucince.
DAY 42 UPDATE.... Plants are going strong, finally seemed to stop growing height wise, THANKFULLY!! The one asshole just had to be damn near double the others. But things are going great. Not that much of an update this week, just a few photos, no help this time to get good root photos, but will for sure next week. The tall one is drinking about 5 gallons a week currently (as of last 7 days). I expect her to drink more so now the only extra task at hand is making extra gallons of the same weeks nutrient schedule, nothing much. All stats are about the same as they've been. Not much changing. I will also start the germination for White Rhino & Wonder Woman. When the Blue Mystic is done I plan to have 4 WR and 4 WW going for the next grow journal I post. 1 mother each that I will clone from. I have questions for that grow concerning SOG methods and how many I should go with in my space but I'll ask those when the time comes or do endless research as I always do if I have a question. ENJOY!!!

Last update on December 8, 5:58 am by Nucince.
a little late on this update. Earlier this week I had to let go of one of my girls due to it tipping over (net pot tilted over but the lid of the bucket did not, I assume I need a more durable plastic for a lid as I believe the heat may have made it soft due to thickness, less integrity). Her colas snapped, including the Main one and split along the stems leaving them wide open. Anger got the best of me and she had to go, fortunately she shot up in height right before and was looking rather airy compared to her sisters. Anyway, here are some photos for updates. Everything else is pretty much the same except now my humidity is much lower, 15-25% (I've changed nothing, just from weather conditions in the area, it's winter, dry air...)

Last update on December 15, 5:35 pm by Nucince.
Back again everybody with an update. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. The plants are doing great. I did have one I overlooked getting nutrient burn that you will see in the pics. Today I removed the majority of any leaves primarily yellow in color from her. Besides that, the PH has been the same as above, between 5.8 & 6.2 sometimes 6.3. Other than that, all else is going great. I'll keep the updates coming. 3 weeks left hopefully. Trichromes are still white as you will see in the pic below. As well, all these pics can also be seen in the Album I have (and they won't be sideways).

Last update on December 27, 12:42 am by Nucince.
sorry for the long update. Today is day 82, I am going to begin the flushing process. The most recent pics have been put in my Blue Mystic photo album if you wanna check them out. As for everything else, once I get to the last few weeks I really don't see a need to update unless something has changed, which nothing has besides maybe trichomes changing a bit to amber. I'll be flushing until Friday maybe Saturday (2-3 days max). I'll have updates this weekend or next weekend at the latest with yield. Enjoy!!!


after growing we have our results for 3 autoflowers. These plants were not trimmed at any time during the grow (one I removed yellow leaves from due to nute burn, nothing else). I wanted to see how well my system and nute schedule worked allowing the plant to grow as it would outdoors unhindered. Overall, I think I could have done better, but for these 3 being autos I can't complain...

First yield prior to Cure - Approx. 280
Today (10 days of cure) - Approx. 253

wall draw approx 715w ... equals .35 per watt for growth. With the Wonder Woman & White Rhino, I hope to make that at least .50 per watt. Enjoy!!! Look for the next journal. I thought it would be soon but I am not sure. Could start ASAP could be a week or two from now....

Last update on January 28, 12:37 am by Nucince.
You've inspired me to have a go at autos.
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