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I recently scavenged the materials to build my first large(r) box. It's 4x3, I'm using a roasting pan for a hood lamp, I've never had issue with them. I sprouted 3 random bag seed and planted them on the 17th in Happy Frog mix. I'm using 2 cfl one white and one blue about 4-6 inches above the plants. One plant (the largest) is long and spindly even though the close proximity to light. The others developed true leaves about 3 days ago, they're about 3-4 inches above soil level.

I have had them in clear containers because I wasn't using my brain and I believe that stunted the growth a bit but, I just covered the planters and once they gain enough strength I'm going to transplant them all to their permanent homes. Will add pictures later.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good organic fertilizers for vegetation? I was thinking of some sort of animal poo but I don't have pH tests so I really don't want to burn my plants.
Well this should be awesome to watch Smile

You should check out Blue Planet Nutrients. They have an organic line that is bad ass. Here is a link if ya wanna check em out www.blueplanetnutrie...

Peace & Love
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